Just breath! Long but might help your cause

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Just breath! Long but might help your cause

Postby Painexpert2012 on July 30th, 2012, 3:07 pm

Real quick introduction (kinda): I don't often post anything online (forums, discussion boards etc...) and I don't really believe anything I read online. I'm a "glass half empty" kind of guy and I sure as hell don't talk to others about my issues, concerns, fears or what have you. I try to keep myself in check at all times (mentally and physically) and I think (thought?) I was very thick skinned. Nothing ever bothered me and nothing ever would..... until then the symptoms began.

In March of 2011 my left leg began to twitch. "Harmless" I thought. "I've twitched before after work outs and, like always, it will go away." Except it didn't go away. Three weeks later the same spot on the same leg still twitched and still pulsated and that's when I made my first mistake: I asked Dr. Google for his/her expert opinion. HUGE mistake.

The three main things that came up were as follows: ALS, MS, anxiety. Since these three are very very similar (sarcasm) I thought I'd do some more research...and more research....and more research. By the end of my journey I was awarded an honorary PHD in "online diagnosis' and disease research and development".

QUICK: which disease do you think I diagnosed myself with???

Ding, ding, ding!!! ALS!!!

I was certain, CERTAIN I had signs and symptoms of ALS. I twitched (everywhere. No seriously EVERYWHERE! If it had skin, it twitched), felt tingling sensations, numbness, vertigo, a dizzy feeling, weakness and at times I couldn't remember a thing! It had to be ALS what else could it be!? MS?! pfffft I wish! Anxiety?! No way, I'm a guy and I don't get anxious. ALS was it and if not (and I was lucky) I had MS.

Sound familiar yet?

Fast forward 1 grueling doctor filled year.

I don't have either ALS or MS. I saw a neurologist whom specialized in MS and I saw him 6 times (yes 6 times) over a 12 month period. I'm almost certain this guy was one more office visit away from committing me to the psych ward and can you guess what I was diagnosed as having? BFS (hopefully you didn't really have to guess that)

Like many of you I didn't believe the initial diagnosis. I thought there was zero chance that all those symptoms could come from nothing other then my over active mind. But they can. Every single one of those symptoms can come from your anxiety. Now I am aware that you don't necessarily have to have anxiety in order to have BFS, but I'm willing to bet that most of us here have some form of anxiety and I'm also willing to bet that most of us, not all, are/were going through some sort of stressful time in our lives when these stupid symptoms presented themselves. I know first hand that these symptoms, appearing randomly and often changing day by day, can cause a HUGE amount of fear, stress and even more anxiety (wonderful right?!).

I know it may seem hopeless or that you are the unlucky one who actually has ALS or MS, but please please please.....just breath. Slowly inhale through your nose and just as slowly exhale through your mouth. Do this for 2-3 minutes and repeat after me " I am not an expert and websites cannot properly diagnosis me. I will see a doctor and put this all behind me".

Having wasted a solid year of my life worrying about this I can honestly say that it's just not worth worrying about. It's honestly not. If you do have something (you probably don't) then no amount of worrying or fear is going to help. If you don't have something (I'm willing to bet you definitively don't have something) then your wasting your otherwise healthy life by searching online for something that doesn't exist. Just remember to breath and give yourself time to relax.

All of the statistics are in your favor. If your a number guy, like myself (love sport stats), then think about this.

Cases positively diagnosed yearly:

ALS- 5,000
MS- 400,000
U.S. population after 2011 consensus- 311,000,000

You literally, LITERALLY, have less then 1% of getting either one of those disease. ALS being ridiculously low and MS, although not unheard of, being very low too. Check my numbers if you don't believe me, but like I said these statistics are all in our favor, so just breath!

I truly hope this helps people like myself who relied too much on Dr. Google and didn't believe the experts (EXPERTS!) who told me otherwise. I mean I literally looked a man in his face and said "are you sure?" This man had spent the last 20 years of his life focusing on these diseases and I, with my PHD in Google, asked him if he was sure.... sigh

Just breath my friends!

27M living life the way it was meant.
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Re: Just breath! Long but might help your cause

Postby mwagner on July 30th, 2012, 3:35 pm

Love this post. All newbies should read this! Thanks so much for it.

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Re: Just breath! Long but might help your cause



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