Round 2

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Re: Round 2

Postby mike fla on June 15th, 2012, 11:56 pm

I should mention that my anxiety was also sky high when I started with my BFS symptoms. The klonopin really did help with my anxiety and there wasn't break through points like there was while I was on xanax.
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Re: Round 2

Postby highpriority4 on June 19th, 2012, 12:02 pm

raindog wrote:
highpriority4 wrote:
raindog wrote:Very sorry to hear about the stress in your life Amy and of course the return of the twitching, they have a habit of doing that don't they :x

Anyway when things are getting on top of me i put on my ipod... not too loud and listen to sigor ros , i have the full discography and go and do a bit of gardening or go for a walk down the lane....totally immersed and miles away. Feel like a new man in no time, kind of like my version of meditation. He may not be your cuppa tea but worth a try or try your taste in chill out music

Best wishes

*hugs* have you been?

Yes, BFS is always here...always ready to pop (thump, flutter) back up at the slightest opening in a person's guard lolol :lol:

I actually have been trying meditation...I really kind of like it :D :D :D


Amy ive been coping well enough to continue most of my life as normal. Got shut of the muscle stiffness and fatigue and a fair bit of cramping with the Low dose Naltrexone. On the downside ive started to get some quite severe what i'm sure is neuropathic nerve pain and it does seem to be progressing ...nothing seems to touch it when its bad so i often find myself resorting to standing in a luke warm shower for as long as it takes to ease it a bit, unfortunately this can be in the early hours of the morning, I see my neuro in 3 weeks and i hope to talk him into prescribing me Mexiletine as its been used for such pain in PNH see link below ... wabara.pdf

If i have no joy then i have a back up plan



LOLOL!!! My dear, you never ever fail to make me smile :D :D :wink:

Your backup plan might work even better than the RX meds? :wink:

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Re: Round 2




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