Medical Student with 3 years of symptoms - First Post

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Re: Medical Student with 3 years of symptoms - First Post

Postby raindog on May 10th, 2012, 3:57 pm

iLeW123 wrote:It's good to hear that others experience these awful sensory symptoms (although obviously I'd rather none of us did)

I used the wrong words when describing psychosomatic symptoms as "not real" . What I meant was that the underlying pathology causing the symptoms is not caused by me constantly worrying, as I'm pretty relaxed, these symptoms force themselves into my day, regardless of whether I think about them or not.

I really appreciate the kind words in regard to exams :)

I'm going to write an in depth article on peripheral nerve hyper excitability on a medical revision site I started a year ago, in to raise awareness of the condition in the next batch of future doctors, so when it's done I'd love to hear some feedback. It will defintely have some impact, as the site currently has around 50,000 views a month. The site is (I create all my own 8-bit retro art too, as I'm a self admitted geek)

Would still love to hear from others with similar symptoms also



It would be good to post it and link it on my blog when its done, obviously with your permission :D
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Re: Medical Student with 3 years of symptoms - First Post




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