Description of my Continuous Twitching

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Re: Description of my Continuous Twitching

Postby zenseo on March 10th, 2012, 1:29 pm

Mine are much like Matt's…

My left upper eyelid flutters when I look a certain way. The lower lid pulls back and forth when I turn my head to the left—weird,I know. If I sneeze, forget it. My eyelids go crazy, along with the muscles of the brows. I find myself fighting the urge to sneeze.Tensing of my eyelids will also cause twitching, as does drying them off after showering. I've grown so tired of the eyelid twitching that I get Botox about every three to four months. This week is a follow up.

My calves and insteps go all the time—24/7, without fail. Have for over 7-years now. They don't bother me in the least. My thighs twitch pretty regularly. As I sit, I can feel random thumpers come and go. If my hands are on my thighs, I will feel them. At this moment, my left hip is going a machine gun like twitch every minute or so. Yesterday, the muscles above both knees were going off.

Everyday, it seems every muscle in my body with twitch at some point. Arms, eyelids, cheek, back, calves, feet, abs, chest, behind my knees, hip, etc. Just another day in paradise. And there goes the machine gun in my hip again. Ugh. And the eyelid.

Best, my friends-
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Re: Description of my Continuous Twitching




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