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Postby twisted on June 24th, 2004, 6:59 pm

Guys and gals,

Please be carefull of all meds prescribed such as Neurontin. This as with benzodiazapines(librax, valium, ativan etc) can be addictive. They work by calming the GABA chemistry of our brains. Sort of how a glass or 2 of wine makes us feel except much more intense and lasting.

These drugs do work but let us try to handle our issues without drugs. The side effects and withdrawal symptoms can be worse than the actual symptoms. If you decide to go the durg route make sure you start off at half of what the docs perscribe. Each of our bodies are different. The amount of drugs that you can take before you reach clinical satisfaction will be much different than I.

When you are ready to stop, make sure you taper off slowly. most of the drugs have what is called a short half life. This means they rid your body quickly and without introducing another to the body you will start to feel funky. DO NOT SIMPLY QUIT! No matter what your docs say. Taper slowly. A rule of thumb is if you take a drug for 3 months, you really should taper for at least that long. Do not shock your system. You will be better for it.

I know there will be a few that feel tappering is not effective, that they never had an issue just stopping a drug as discussed above. I know plenty that have. So be carefull and taper. That goes for antidepressants as well.

Remember, these drugs are adjusting brain and cns chemistry. Our bodies get used to it. When you take candy away from a baby it cries.
Go slow.
Take care.
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