Crease in arm

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Crease in arm

Postby Jayel on May 2nd, 2004, 9:30 pm

Hey all,

It has been a few months and I was feeling fine after clean EMG's. The only hitch was that my right arm would not relax, but the neuro assured me that it was ok and that he still could have seen the sort of waves or whatever they call them, on the EMG if it had been something awful. He tested my entire rt side including neck/tongue.
Anyways, with the warm weather I was wearing a tank top and have noticed a crease in my upper arm. If I look straight down the rt arm down my shoulder it is on the side about 5 inches or so along the side of the bicip and is a clear indention. It does not seem to be a place where one would develop "definition" although I don't work out anyways.

I do not have this at all on the left and my husband, too, agrees it is there. I can do push ups, lift heavy objects(we just moved some heavy furniture) etc. but I still wonder if the muscle might be slowly wasting. That *beep* EMG just threw me since the rest were, as he said, perfectly normal and the muscles "relaxed".

Assurances, please........... :cry:

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Postby garym on May 2nd, 2004, 10:30 pm


Try not to let this "crease" in your arm get you down. I have something similar in my left thigh, and I let it drive me crazy for months. Trust you dr., you will save yourself a lot of grief. I also had a similar situation with my left calf not relaxing during my initial emg. I really think that isn't anything to worry about, and I believe that if there were problems they would have detected them anyway. Just for the record, i believe if you had something bad, it would have been evident in other areas of your body during emg.

Hope this helps,
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