New member...frustration with medical "Bermuda Triangle

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New member...frustration with medical "Bermuda Triangle

Postby RexM on March 3rd, 2004, 7:57 pm

I started experiencing fasciculations in my arms about six months ago. Soon moved into legs, and torso. Accompanied by muscle soreness and some occasional numbness in my feet.
Primary care doctor referral to neurologist whom I couldn't get in to see for three weeks. During this time, I did a google search on fasciculations and found ALS, which, of course, I was sure I had. When I finally got in to see the neurologist, she did the simple office tests and told me she didn't think I had it, but couldn't be sure until I had the EMG [another three weeks!!]. She was pretty vague on what I MIGHT have other than to say that there were some other muscle diseases which could cause these symptoms. In the interim between that visit and the EMG, I was very fortunate to find this site......GOD bless those of you responsible for saved me many sleepless nights.
The EMG was clean, and I wasn't too worried about things, until I started having twitches in my face, which caused me to come back to this site and read the message board. On here I found references to Lyme disease and Lupus causing some of these same symptoms. I am a candidate for both: first, I had a tick in my back for over a week after a visit to the Sonoma wine country a year ago, and: second, my Mother has Lupus. So, back to my neurologist who has prescribed a Lyme Titre test, which was negative, but I've since read on this site that those tests are often unreliable, so I'm scheduled to see an infectious disease doctor. If his opinion is that I do NOT have Lyme, I guess I'll be seeking another specialist to check out the Lupus possibility.
Thanks again for this site........
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Selfless giver of time
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Postby garym on March 3rd, 2004, 11:17 pm

good luck with the tests. Lyme sounds like a real possibility, as does Lupus. Hopefully everything will turn out good.

Good luck,
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