Twitching is annoying, help

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Twitching is annoying, help

Postby puregamer1 on December 9th, 2009, 6:53 pm

Still herre with the twitching.
I have had this arm twitch above my elbow where your "flexing muscle" is, and it does this hard jump every few seconds and makes the whole muscle shake, have any of you had this twitching? I was laying on that part of my arm and it started suddently, and hasnt stopped for awhile now. Starting to freak me out even though I've had these twitches for years, but horrible severe the past few months..

I feel as I am getting weaker still, but I was slowly feeling better mind wise, now im going back into freaking out with a racing heart once I feel a twitch last more then 10 seconds.

I've also had this leg twitch on the side of my thigh, its the muscle connected to your knee, down your thigh, it's been twitching bad for hours now.
It's that twitch where it twitches fast, then stops for a few, then starts back. But I can walk to avoid feeling it (it's still there though when I walk) now my concern is this arm..
Would laying on it cause the nerve to do this? I've had this similar twitch a few years back and it lasted for a week..but this one is more frequent.

I still do believe I have those diseases, I need more convincing..>.<

My back hurts really bad from walking after a few, though you guys said sitting bent for hours on the computer, adding up to years, can cause this easily.
I'm scared and cant run, because if I start, I feel so weird and I know a simple little jog will make me twitch.

I just bent my toes, and my toe twitched, are you guys sure self-inflicted twitches like that are a def. sign of NO als?
Some days I can lay in bed and just relax, and some days I come into the house, twitching 15-30 times a second on both sides of my neck and stomach, hot spots possible.

Most twitches I've been getting I have been able to go "whatever.." and let it go away after a few seconds. then I get this twitch, 10 seconds later im up and panicing about it.

I was able to take my first shower not getting intese twitching (yay me!) but I only used one hand, my other hand was down the whole time, since simple movement causes the muscle connected to my chest and arm to twitch in 5-6 places constant for hours until I relax and calm down. I have been able to cope with those better but this simple arm twitch which is probably no big deal is scaring me.
I took a 1.5 mile walk today and only drank some tea, maybe I'm alittle dehydrated from no water the past few days.

When I was laying in bed for 15 minutes without moving my legs, I stretched them and they felt soo stiff and they twitched like psycho for a few, not sure why.

So cap:
Alot of my twitches are self inflicted, by stretching, by moving, by picking up things, simple tasks as that. and most of my other twitches just come every few seconds fwhen im resting.

Feet twitch 24/7, horrible to have that when your 15 and scared to even run.

Is me getting weaker just in my mind? I cant tell if I am badly, since I can still lift my laptop with 1 hand, but I try not to lift anything due to the simple twitching..

To answer my question:
Anyone have that simlar arm twitch? Would laying on it cause it? it's every few seconds and it vibrates my arm, along with my thigh starting up randomly while I was sitting down in school, lasting nonstop and still going.

Any tips?
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Twitching is annoying, help



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