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Postby socalman on November 2nd, 2008, 10:16 am

hey all,

40 yr old male. been twitching for almost a year.

twitching started out frequent then went somewhat quiet. about 12 weeks ago, i got hooked on mcdonald iced coffees. about a week later, i started twitching worse than ever!!! i have also been a big starbucks drinker (1-2 each day). i decided to go off caffein--cold turkey. Even decaf coffee (which still has some caffein). now i only drink caffein free soft drinks (root beer, sprite, caffein free dr pepper and CF coke, etc.). no iced tea.

In any case, my twitching has improved by about 95% since giving up all caffein. i still get them each day but only a few and mostly at night or in the morning just before or after bed. on a side note, my energy level has improved tremendously. i used to have a real problem with this and would hit a wall everyday in the afternoon having to lie down throughout the day. now my energy is consistant and i feel normal throughout the day. i used to not give much credence to the whole "no caffein" thing but now i am a total believer!

i know everyone's situation is different but i strongly recommend giving up caffein as I believe this is a definite factor that makes this situation much worse.

Note: I also take Advair for asthma and have a stressful job. I believe those are factors as well.

good luck to all.
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