digging & digging-you might hit the concreate asss first

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digging & digging-you might hit the concreate asss first

Postby zekebcfs on September 5th, 2008, 8:00 am

Well here is an update on my search for a BCFS cure, reason etc etc.
As many of you may know I have one of the most extensive work-ups of anyone around the board. If the person even had a inkling of possible BCFS realted treatment I made and went to the appointment.
I have seen Chiroparchters
MDs from oral Surgeons to NMD specialist to Rheumatologist to Cardiologist of every stripe and specialty.

Well the journey now ends with the head of the NeuroMuscular Diseases at the UT Southwestern Aston clinic in Dallas. I have seen other heads of NMD at other teaching schools but I had decided that this would be the end of the search if everything came back negative I would give up the search depending on the comments made by the doctor.

Well rewind a month. I underwent a 3 Tesla MRI scan just abouth the most powerfull scan you can ever hope to get today if MS is any cocern. I was shown pictures of my brain and spinal cord and not a trace of MS. If you think your 1080p tv set gives. "It can delineate structures that have not been seen before such as blood vessels as small as 200-300 microns, almost going down to ultrastructural level." That is .0000002 of a meter. That means it can image a blood vessale with extreme accuracy with a diamater of .0000002 meters across if I am not mistaken.

Anywho fast formawd to the clinical exam. I get the clinical exam but also hand the doctors a stackfull of lab work over a three year time period. WOW a very big lab medical file! They do there test and look for any signs of atrophy allover my body even my tongue. The number one thing they where looking for was weakness then atrophy and I had neither except weird sxs. He goes into this explanantion about BFS stuff and he knows that I am well versed in the subject. Well to make a long story short he tells me about it and abouth that on fellow which I think was about 72 when he was diagnosed with ALS but presented with a very abnormal EMG. He said I had BCFS and saw no need for another EMG seeing as how I had already had 4 EMGs plus I was still moving about three years after my first clash with this illness. he did suggest I could get the EMG jsut for piece of mind but I opted not to get it. What for? The meat is in the clinical exam not in the EMG. I can assure almost 100% that a neuro can see ALS when it walks in the door. The chances of ALS presenting with twitches as the first sxs are 1: millions. In fact only one case was and has ever been recorded and that was from an older man who had a very bad EMG before being diagnosed.

Good Clinical puts you in the clear of ALS
Negative MRI scan of brain and spinal cord puts you int he clear of MS
Good EMG and negative MRI gives you about 99.99% assurance that its not MS or ALS.
Having a three year History of sxs, multiple clean EMGs and a High resolution MRI scan gets you thrown out of the Neuromuscular clinic as a waste of time and effort. I never felt better being thrown out of a research Hospital specializing in NeuroMuscular diseases. Yeah it sucks but it won't kill us. And if you keep it up like I did...digging and digging you might hit the concreate asssssssss first as I did. And you maybe happy you did! So if you even think of getting it done or have any doubts don't waste your time. It ends the same for the vast majority of us. Its BCFS and most people see a decline in their third year or as in my case I don't give a *beep* anymore because it just falls into background noise. I have found comfort in Yoga, Resitance Stretching and having the why worry attitude if I can't do anything about anyways.
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digging & digging-you might hit the concreate asss first



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