My Story......

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My Story......

Postby darylsimpson on August 19th, 2008, 3:26 pm

We bought a new house in January, got moved in and celebrated our daughters 2nd birthday in February

A week later she developed a fever, and suddenly went into a seizure. I grabbed her to rush to the hospital. While I was holding her she stopped breathing and turned purple, I gave her cpr and her color came back and she started breathing again. Turns out she had a febrile seizure like I used to have.

Then in March my Fiance' April began having headaches and vision problems. Then I began feeling a weird feeling in my chest. She went to an opthamologist (???) and was told it's either a Brain Tumor or Psuedo Tumor Cerebri.
So we spent time at the hospital and did the MRI thing and found out she had PTC which is basically excess spinal fluid, so now she is dealing with that. Meanwhile, my chest pains/fluttery feeling got worse to the point I thought I was going to have a heart attack, then I was worried my pulse was slow, I got pale white and passed out. thats the first time I had a full on panic attack, I let it go again. Then on Fathers day I had a good cookout dinner, then I felt a flutter in my stomach. When it was still there the next day, I went to the hospital and they did blood tests, and found nothing. wound up going to the ER 9 times in 2 weeks, because I was sure there was something wrong, and symptoms kept feeling different. They searched for gall stones, kidney stones, ulcer, tumors, I had an ekg o n my heart. Everything was good, until they found a urinary tract infection. I cried myself to sleep a few nights in a row. I was miserable.

A few days later I noticed a twitch in my calf. I was yawning a lot, and everytime I yawned my chin would almost lock up and shook when I tried to close it. !!!!!!!!!! I LOOKED ON THE INTERNET !!!!!!!!!!! Suprise, suprise... And poof I had a whole new list of tings to worry about, mainly ALS. I had another panic attack and then I woke up the next day and my jaw was clicking.

So I called a doctor and set up an appointment. So I waited for Monday to arrive, on the way there. I realized my right thigh was jumpy. I couldn't relax it on the gas pedal. After 1 visit he dx'd me with Generalized anxiety Disorder, and Panic attacks.
The yawn, the jaw spasm, and the lump in my throat was all part of the anxiety. And the jaw clicking was something called TMJ, which I already knew from my web searching. So I started Paxil, which takes about two weeks to kick in, but in less than two weeks I felt pretty good, so I stopped taking it. Had a mild attack a few days later when I felt twitching more.
than out of nowhere I had a weird bag of worms rolling twitch in my calf, I panicked, got on the web till 4 in the morning and had a bad panic attack. I demanded a nuerologist referral, and had an emg last Tuesday. He did the norm, and told me while he was doing it that most likely it is something called Benign Fasciculations, the words I was waiting to hear. He finished the test and said nothing jumped out at him that says ALS, and he would definitely say it was benign. So now I am waiting for my PCP to get the definitive results.
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My Story......



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