I think I have BFS

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I think I have BFS

Postby Caribou on June 9th, 2008, 10:15 pm

From reading through this forum, this post will be pretty repetitive.

I am a 27M and think I have BFS.

It started about 6 months ago when my arms started to twitch or spasm and i would get a weird pins and needles feeling in my thighs. The feelings felt absolutely real and I went to a clinic where the doctor basically just thought it was stress (I had just starting a new job that had by far the most responsibility, deadlines and stress than any other in my life) and prescribed Xanax! With that not really resolving anything the feelings got more and more intense and i started to get a numbness, 'freezer burn' type feelings in both of my feet, usually in the same parts (but still sensitive) and generally less mobile. I finally made it back to my hometown where I meet with my family doctor. By this point I had been online and had it fixed in my head that I had MS, or some other serious condition. My doctor thought this is very unlikely but referred me for a MRI and all sorts of different blood tests.

After about a month Blood tests came back normal except for a low B12, which i've been taking vitamins for. The MRI came back 'normal' which was a huge relief, and my symptoms subsided considerably but still popped up once and a while. I have an appointment with a neurologist in August.

The last month at my work has been very stressful and the numbness has increased considerable and now include headaches and general tiredness. Then last week I fought off a pretty bad cold, followed a few days later with a bought of food poisoning which included a fever of 38C. Since then my right index finger has started to twitch (about once an half-hour) and I can actually see my knuckle move back in fourth. I work in an office and spend lots of time at a computer using that finger to scroll up and down.

Looking back, I am beginning to realize that a lot of this may be caused by me internalizing stress (work, relationships, etc) and I thought of MS and some other things mentioned on this forum which I don't know much about (and am not going to search!) may just put me over a tipping point. Also, About a year ago when I had a bunch of stuff going on, I had a twitch'pulse in my left eye for about a month which may has also been BFS. Also again, I lived in Toronto during the SARS outbreak, started to comedown with the FLU days after moving to the UK and may have had some symptoms back then (worried I had SARS).

I am rambling...two question

Can a fever trigger new BFS symptoms (I think I read that somewhere)?
I find if I have a (one) drink after a day my symptoms somewhat go away. Anyone else find this?

I hope my next six months are better because the last have been a nightmare rollercoster.

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I think I have BFS



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