update from an old twitcher

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update from an old twitcher

Postby PEZZA69 on June 2nd, 2008, 6:31 am

just an update from an old twitcher!!

Had nearly every symptom in the book from twitching, big bangers to one which twitch non stop for weeks. Burning sensations, tingling, pins and needles, percieved numbness, migraines, dizzy spells you name it i have had it.....

But over the last couple of months i have been loggin on less and less, finding myself getting really bored with this health aniexty, things are getting better i no longer think about this (MS, Parkinsons, ALS) much any more. I am wondering whether its the summer weather or new relationship which i have started but whatever it is long may it continue.

I hope this is reassuring for people as things can and do get better if you let it and think postively. These symptoms are not in peoples head but i think alot of it is made worse by stress so try and do things which you enjoy and above all else think postive and be gratefull that you havent got some nasty illness i.e. cancer etc etc Life is short you have to enjoy and try and control the controlables not things that are outside you control.

Good luck no doubt i will be back on here in a couple with another scare and worrying all over again but for the time being i am going to enjoy the good times.

x x :D
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update from an old twitcher



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