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Postby SusanSid on December 8th, 2003, 3:04 am

I was wondering, John, Eric too, do you have lyme disease? I know that my niece had it so I was exposed to it first hand. It was in the early 90's and the doctors didn't know much at that time. She was on antibiotics for a long time and has since recovered, is in nursing school and doing well. However, getting a diagnosis was like pulling teeth.

It is a spirochette, like a cork screw, bacteria that can lay dormant (quiet) and affect many parts of the body. It is in the same genus (family) as syphillis, but is different in that you can't catch it from another person. At least what I have read. THe only way to get lyme disease is from an infected tick bite. Also, the tick almost always has to be imbedded for at least 24 hrs. (I'm sure there are exceptions).
It's true it's hard to diagnose, but there is lab work that can help with a diagnosis. I would see an infectious disease specialist or rhuematologist...they are the ones who are most current. I have never heard of a human giving another human the disease...but there is always the first time.

Your information is interesting. I wonder how many people have had lyme and have never been treated. There is now an immunization for it if you live in an infested area.

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Postby eric on December 11th, 2003, 10:13 pm

garym wrote:Skinny,

Before you try cipro, I'd visit the above referenced site. Cipro has been linked to severe PNS and CNS adverse drug reactions. Twitching and muscle pains are common as a result of these drugs. It may not cause any problems for you, and your problems may be worth the risks, just be informs about the drugs before you use them.

By the way, I tried doxy for three weeks after reading some of erics early posts, but it didn't help twitches or cause the herx reaction. Guess I don't have lyme.

Good luck,

if your dose was not high enough it wont work. doxy in a low dose is like aspirin. you need at least 400mg a day to stop the progression of your symptoms over a period of three to 6 months.
lyme bacteria are smart and hide from antibiotics but cant hide for long they have to come out to reproduce and that is when you will get the reaction.
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