7 year update and hello

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7 year update and hello

Postby Ghayes420 on September 28th, 2018, 9:13 am

Hello to anyone who still comes here and checks things out. A big HELLO to garym, Jet, Leanne, Chrissi, Matt, you know who you are...

A big FU to JohnV for being an *beep* and not coming to rescue this site of vast knowledge and experience. Dangerous in the wrong hands, quite useful in the right frame of mind. JohnV if you are reading this, I spoke to you on the phone, gave you my contact info yet you are still being a lazy POS. Stop being a douche.

Seven + years here folks and still twitch all over daily. Used to it now. Dont have MND, never did. I do have plantar facia issues from running and exercising. My lower back aches from lifting because i am 42yo. My fingers sometimes move right and left when my hand twitches. Seven plus years of this. Good times.

Glad to say I am done with this chapter. Always looking for a cause, but not a priority in my life like it once was.

Hope the rest of the veterans are doing well and living life. Take care!
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Re: 7 year update and hello

Postby garym on October 16th, 2018, 9:15 pm

Hi Greg, good to hear from you.....to bad JohnV didn't follow through after your phone call. Oh well, we are all living proof of the benign nature of bfs. Thanks for coming back and giving an update.

Take care,
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Re: 7 year update and hello



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