Marie Stopes is a hypocrite

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Marie Stopes is a hypocrite

Postby pacovega26 on September 2nd, 2007, 12:34 pm

The reason to this topic is to energetically reproach and disapprove MARIE STOPES media campaign titled "What´s more embarrassing- his hat or what he might give you?". In the image, there is a caucasian british (I suppose) with a big mexican hat, and a subtitle that makes clear that MARIE STOPES believe that AIDS and big hats (that have more than 450 years of history and cultural values) is all mexicans can offer to tourists. ... h%20MF.jpg

To think that this image would not be seen by other people or countries is just one more proof that MARIE STOPES do not have the minimal mental capacity to understand the meaning of the words culture, racism, tolerance, partership, humour, globalism etc.

The worst part is that Marie Stopes brags of beign helpful with the poverty issues in Chiapas (a mexican state in the south). What kind of organization shows-off the help they have given to Mexico, and at the same time implies that AIDS and hats is all Mexico has to offer?... A HYPOCRITE ONE

This topic is just to show you guys (my friends) how th world and non-profit organizations still lack the knowledge or the capacity to research before making unfortunate states like this one. I´ll appreciate all your inputs.


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Marie Stopes is a hypocrite



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