Great weekend Great weather

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Great weekend Great weather

Postby christinesi on August 11th, 2006, 7:04 pm

We are in for a real treat on the East coast finally this weekend. Dry and warm weekend ahead. I hope everyone does something fun for themselves and take some time to destress. I am going to see the film 911 world trade center tonight with my husband and 2 friends. My husband Phil is a trade center survivor. He was on the 81st floor of Tower one at the time the plane hit. My youngest child was 6 months old at the time. I was vacuming that morning when my cousin called to ask me if Phil went to work that day and what floor he worked on. When i told her he was on 81 she said put on the TV and call him NOW! I spent the next several hours on my kitchen floor in a fetal position while family and friends came through my house to take care of my kids. I was unable to reach him for several hours this became the worst day of my life and then miraculouly the best when he appeard home driven in a flatbed truck by strangers at 3:00 that afternoon. We lost several friends and Phil lost 3 co workers. God bless all the families and victims of september 11. I'll write back after the movie to tell you what I thought. Have a great weekend.
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Postby carrilynn on August 11th, 2006, 7:59 pm

Oh Dear Chris,

You just sent utter chills down my spine.

You have been truely given a miracle. I can't imagine the pain you went through for those hours but the relief must have been undescribable. I am so happy for you and your children that your husband was okay.

So sorry though for those that lost their lives. :(

I hope you enjoy the movie. You are extremely brave. I cannot watch a movie like that, my emotions are too jumbled. It's supposed to be amazing though. Have a terrific night and :D ENJOY YOUR LIFE and YOUR HUSBAND!
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Postby Christina on August 11th, 2006, 9:31 pm

Dear Chris,

Please let me know how the movie is. I am not sure that I can bear to see it. You are very brave.

I think anyone that lives near Manhattan will always feel the fear so strongly. I never look at a low flying plane the same way ever since. Every time it is a picture perfect day like 9/11.....I think of it. We also lost friends, and neighbors that day...and there were too many funerals in my town.

Thank God that your story had a happy ending, it is so nice to hear one!
Enjoy the nice week end that the weather channel is predicting!

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