my new fear:

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my new fear:

Postby ny2125 on December 7th, 2004, 1:40 pm

is the whole mad cow issue. i know its rare. it is called vcjd in humans and there is a similar disease not caused by mad cow called cjd. both are rare but i have ocd and just go crazy when i hear stuff like this. i read that in london there have been reports of this transmitted thru infected surgical tools (esp. for tonsils and brain surgery). well i had my tonsils out 20 yrs. ago and of course i am scared about this. i also took some "homeopathic" liquids that used bovine ingredients, so therefore i fear i may contract something. most of what i look up points to astronoomical odds, but i still fear. i wish i could just focus on the present and live my life happy, i do have so much to be thankful for! anyone w/similar fears about mad cow or just a response to this would be great! God bless you all!
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Postby Cutte on January 7th, 2005, 10:48 pm

No worries, you don't have mad cow disease. Trust me, and I am not a doctor, you would be extremely ill 20 years post exposure if you hadmad cow! Most people infected end up on a respirator. I assume you aren't writing from the hospital, right?! :)
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Postby amy_twitch on January 8th, 2005, 1:29 pm

I can sympathize my friend.

Shortly after I started twitching, some stuff came out about mad-cow disease in our local paper....I think driven by the suspected case in Canada at the time. Anyway, our paper did a story on a young woman in our area who is confined to a hospital on a respirator and who is basically brain dead. She had contracted the disease while living in England during her youth (if I remember the story right).

So, the paper says that "the initial symptom of mad-cow disease in humans is: twitching". Given my already scared mental state at the time (thinking I was going down the ALS route), I started thinking 'ok, if it's not ALS, then maybe there's a slight chance that it's mad-cow".

My husband basically looked at me like I was off my rocker. Somehow, I knew it wasn't the case---and that made me realize that my mental state was NOT NORMAL. My fears and anxieties were so heightened--and I was certainly becoming a true hypochondriac.

I was so close to calling my doctor to ask him to check me for mad-cow, and now months and months later--I'm sitting in my chair laughing that I almost made that phone call.

Because of BFS, I certainly went through a good six months of paranoia (for lack of a better word) over my health. When our bodies have such strange symptoms, sometimes you just can't help it. Any little 'what-if' will send you into a tail-spin.

Therefore, I really do sympthize. Somehow, with a lot of strength and with a refreshed attitude and commitment to believe my doctors and my test results (which all illustrated nothing organically wrong with me). I shunned off the ALS fears, I shunned the Parkinsons and MS fears, I shunned Lupus fears, and I even shunned (and a little embarrassed to admit) mad-cow fears.

Time was on my side, and I've been practically twitch free (and anxiety free) for many months now. Looking back, I have to giggle at just how out-of-whack my mindset had become. However, believe me I don't take it too lightly---because I still have to fight from going back down that route.

Do whatever you can to stay positive and shun these fears (somewhere in the back of your mind, you know it's irrational, right?). Try not to read about health-related issues...and focus on what you know from your docs and any tests you've had. Also, keep using this board for support while time passes and gets your mind back on the right track.

It's not fun when our minds lead us to dark places--and it wastes otherwise good times in our lives. Yadda yadda know the rest.
Put those mad-cow fears to rest. You'll be laughing about it in no time!

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About Mad Cow

Postby KERI 29 on January 27th, 2005, 6:48 am

Hi Guys,

I know this sounds sick but this one actually made me giggle, because I was in Canada for an interview with INS and that had a mad cow scare. I remember hearing about the one of the symptoms being twitching and thinking, "great I have to options die of mad cow with the next few months, and be a vegatable in the process because I will be brain dead OR die of ALS in the next year but have a fully functional brain. I hate obsessing about death.

There is a way to avoid mad cow unlike ALS, you should only by organic meats. They vegetarian feed the oraganic unlike other meats where they actually give other cow parts to the cow to eat. I learned this from the nurses at work it is something about eating your own kind gives you this kind of a disease canables used to get it, in the tribes of Africa.

Well, I hope that helps.

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Postby eric on March 17th, 2005, 11:25 pm

no one on this board has mad cow and it is very quick and painless and your mental state would be where you dont know what is going on around you so there goes that, by the way it is called cjd..
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