Help with potty training advice

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Help with potty training advice

Postby dont on September 19th, 2004, 4:29 pm

Can anyone give me some potty training advice on my almost 3 year old. She will be 3 Oct 31. She has no interest what so ever in the potty chair.

I have to make her sit on it and she sometimes gets mad but does it and sometimes cries. She has only peed in it once.

She is not in daycare. She stays with my mom and we bought the same chair for her house and she is the same way with my mom.

I know I have heard it's easier to get them trained at day care because they are so strict with it but since she isn't in one I am at a loss.

We have tried bribes,etc... nothing works. I just mentioned it to her and if looks could kill I would be dead right now.

She loves school buses. And when she sees one and goes nuts I tell her she can't get on one and go to school in a diaper and she just ignores me.

Her cousin is 18 and is her God mother and I told her Celia is a big girl in college and doesnt' wear a diaper and she says, "okay mommy but when I get little again can I wear one?" Um that isn't going to work.



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Postby dwl on September 19th, 2004, 4:47 pm

IMHO there's nothing to beat the "cruel to be kind" technique of letting her wet herself a few times - it won't last longer than a week! This worked with our 2 1/2 year old a couple of months ago. But you need to be consistent.

Good luck!

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Postby Stephanie on September 19th, 2004, 7:31 pm

I waited untill I felt my kids were ready and willing (usually 3-3 1/2 yrs old). That summer I would let them run naked outside w/ a potty always available. Then they are aware when they have to go. When they are ready they are less likely to have accidents & it's not traumatic for either of you. Good luck!
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Postby amy_twitch on September 19th, 2004, 10:00 pm

I agree with lots of advice here. My older son potty trained just after he turned 3. My best advice is to just do-away with the potty chair. If it has the removable rim that goes on the regular toilet, use that instead. Or better yet, just go straight to the big toilet--forget the baby-steps. (That's where we parents get suckered into spending money to buy gadgets that we really don't need. I got totally suckered into a nifty potty chair that made a fake flushing sound and played music---NEVER used it! My son hated it).

IMO, potty training comes easy when you just bite the bullet and do sit--you can't sometimes use the pull-ups because you're running an errand with her and you want to get in and out without an accident. Prepare yourself with lots of baggies of extra undies, pants and socks to have on hand in the car.

Get her psyched about going potty by talking to her about it in a positive way (of course that's what the experts say too). Then just bite the bullet and tell her--'We're going to the park, and when we get there I'm going to show you where the super-cool park potty is....then if you have to go, just tell me and we'll go in the potty and then we'll take turns getting drinks from the cool water fountain when you're done....and so on and so on.
If she still has an accident--laugh it off with her--and pretend like she missed a fun opportunity to use the cool park-potty....but don't reprimand her at all. (You gotta be prepared for lots of accidents both with lots of extra clothes on had and extra sympathy too for the first few weeks).

I specifically made a few trips to our local park in the middle of winter with my son--specifically for this potty training purpose. I'd dress him in cotton sweats....and when he had his first accident, he was not a happy camper being changed in the cold weather. He went straight to the potty after than---so letting them have accidents is helpful.

Lastly, a little bribery never hurt anyone---especially when the bribery consists of something you already do in your daily routine. It's all in how you phrase it to your child. If she likes a certain video at home, you can tell her before an outing that if she uses the big-girl potty that she can watch the video when you get home with some special snack.

I try never to bribe my children with 'treats from the store'...I simply rephrase something I was planning on letting them do anyway--arts and crafts are a good know: "If you do xyz, we'll come home and build a pillow fort....or a lego castle....or noodle pictures....whatever.

I saw a show on Dr. Phil where he advised parents to buy a drinking and peeing doll...then they had the toddler show the doll what it was supposed to do....and when the doll peed on the training potty, they had a big party.
Then they told the kid that if he peed too...they'd have a little party for him. It was a bit over-the-top for me, but it did work for some parents. Dr. Phil had some other tips too--maybe check his web site. I just stuck to the 'straight to the big potty' philosophy and armed myself for accidents and thought of lots of creative positive encouragement (without all-out bribing)....and my son was potty trained within 3 week.

Sorry this got sooooo long. Hope it's helpful though. You'll have to weed through the ideas and gauge what might work with your child's personality.

Good luck to you! I've still got a good year to go before I get to attempt this feat again with my second son :P

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