a bit of family history...

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a bit of family history...

Postby Yuliasir on May 9th, 2012, 12:04 pm

Today is May 9th. for pepole from the former USSR it is a Victory day (all the rest of the world marks end of the WWII as May 8th, but in Moscow it was about a 5 am of may 9th so it is our official date).

when I experience my flareups, I always remeber Hanna, my Granny, a former war nurse.
She started in a hospital during the WWII and then for the rest of her active life she was doing nursery jobs. She was seeking for professionall education, but there were hard times so she had to use self-education (that's why my favorite reading in the childhood were Big Medical Encyclopedy, Handbook of Regiseterd Nurse (approx., as we did not have exactly that cathegory) and a "Nurse" magasine she was subscribed for).

She was not a nasty person, she cared for me A LOT, she was just dull and obviously suppressed by the war and actually being born in 1924 in Ukraine meant she was 10 years old were a kind of Great Famine was here...

So she felt a little joy of life, and I believe I had inherited certain personality issues from her. She was very prone to obsessions, she was very anxious... and she spent her last 20 years suffering from the condition known for now as irritated bowel syndrome.

She was pretty sure she had colonic cancer, despite on 5 or 6 colonoscopies not found a single sign of tumor, not even a proper inflammation sometimes... She had severe abdominal pains, badly controlled with even strong OTC painkillers, and all those things realted - bad sleep, anxiety, muscle wasitng due to not eating enough etc.
Again, she had that fears for 20 YEARS!!!! Just to compare with what colonic cancer could be in terms of a lifespan even today...

At the same time she was very brave and discreet person - she survived facoplasty, real skin cancer issue and femoral neck fracture with the surgery in her last 5 years of life - always with the high spirit.

She had passed away 1,5 years ago at her 88 (due to stroke), and I believe her experience still supports me in several ways - I know I have family history of obsessivity, GAD, hypersensitive nervous system and related disease (I assume irriated bowel syndrome is another obscure condition with really unknown reason, and it is so stubborn in terms of medication - quite as BFS), and I hope that in case of significant and obvouls health issues I still might have same high spirit as Hanna had.
I never had a good chance to tell her I love her. She was a hard person to live with.
But now I feel I can do it.
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a bit of family history...



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