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Re: Take care friends

PostPosted: July 15th, 2011, 4:34 pm
by RandyR
MarioMangler wrote:I am probably going to stick around the next few weeks since it appears the board is pretty much in chaos at the moment. I'll see what I can do to help clean it up. And yes, you are correct, sometimes tough love is the love that BFS people need. In my opinion self pity is way too easy to fall into with this condition (trust me, I was once there myself) and I like to call BS on that cr*p when I see it. As a wise man once said, it is very hard to bullsh*t a bullsh*tter.

So Darr, are you and I going to be the board police again like in the old days? Maybe I can go rope Basso into coming back for a while. I think the three of us could get some stuff done around here.

Self pity, I still find myself falling into that catagory sometimes. It's a hard cycle to break once it gets ahold of you. But time is making it easier, weird how a couple of thousand twitches a day can push a man into a fetal position. Also limiting time on the phone, facebook, and here has helped me. :)