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PostPosted: August 1st, 2010, 10:24 pm
by Richard
Well it looks like I made it to sainthood. Funny I don't feel any different.

Not sure I have been adding a lot to the board recently. Maybe a little bit of humor.

Some people take a break from the board when they become saints. Not sure if I will.

I think I am going to try Secret Agent Man's diet when I get around to it. Or at least read a book on it. It just seems really, really, hard to eat healthy :lol:

Over time I have really gotten over being scared, upset, about this condition. I have gotten to where I get annoyed about it. But pretty much don't care about it. I used to watch my calves twitch. It has been weeks or months since I have done that. I can still feel the twitching sometimes. But I really don't seem to give much of a d**n.

I guess it has been about 5 years. So maybe when you are 5 years in, a saint, or just get to where you really don't give a d**n, you have made it.

Hope some of you will join me on the other side of BFS. The view from here is pretty good. The journey sucks, but I assure you, you will learn some stuff.

Re: Sainthood

PostPosted: August 1st, 2010, 11:08 pm
by simon_w
What a great post, Richard. You should definitely polish your halo after that! I hope you do stick around on the site - your experiences are invaluable when newbies come to this site for support.
PS Are you going to try to match JRO's record for posting by the way?!? She's quite a bit in front of you and me!