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What Can I expect At Mayo Clinic?

PostPosted: May 21st, 2010, 9:31 am
by Christian_88
As most of you know--Going out to Mayo Minnesota--for my July 6 appt. (Me & wife already had hotel reservations)-

The intake people at Mayo..--(They are SO nice!...So different from the Northeast)- told expect to be there...between...5 to 7 ...'working days'--! It'll probably be a lot 3 days or so,...(one of the more 'expierenced'...intake directors told me)--BUT....their 'protocol...for new 5-7 days--! So, we'll make our airline tics 10 days...(including the weekend)---&..if we have ..the extra time---just 'hang out' Rochester Minn---! ( least it'll be...July...not January)

Anyway---I'm bring out my test results...( they asked for--the CD Rom....of my MRIs....brain...cervical spine)--I've already HAD here in Philly.....2 MRIs..of brain...MRI of Cervical spine......2 EMGs....blood work up for thyroid...& CBC--Sooo

I ...'assume'--I'll be getting...aside from a full neuro---more MRIs...EEGs...EMGs....blood!

One think...i'd prefer NOT to have is...."spinal"...(but....a few people here --and my cousin---said it's nbo big deal)

Any of you--have any ideas....of what to expect? I'm so..."nervous"--! to Mayo Clinic?

Hope to hear! Thanks--Christian :D

Re: What Can I expect At Mayo Clinic?

PostPosted: May 22nd, 2010, 9:44 am
by Richard
Hi Christian,

I had a friend who I used to work with. She is from Minnesota. She moved to the east cost, missed Minnesota, and moved back. She feels that the people are a whole lot nicer and friendlier in Minnesota.

She went to the Mayo clinic after seeing many other doctors who were unable to treat her. She had some throat problem and I believe Nexium took care of it.

One nice thing about the Mayo Clinic, I beleive, is the doctors are on salary. There is not an incentive to see a quantity of patients, instead to complete a diagnosis and treatment. They also seem pretty organized in setting up a team of doctors (neurologists, orthopedics, general practitioner, etc who will look at your case together and work together for you).

That being said, unfortunately I would not expect miracles from them. They are very competent. But BFS is a multi-facited, benign condition.

You might use the search feature on There have been others who made it to the Mayo Clinic and have shared their results. That will give you some good info.

You might also bring some of the posts from this web site. I have found it helpful to 'prompt' some of the doctor's with the question.... 'well I read about this, what do you think'.

My own theory is that may of us with BFS suffered some sort of nerve damage. And that with time, and by time, I mean years of time, we get somewhat better. Nerves take a very long time to heal.

Now my bfs may have been caused by a herniated disk, others maybe by an infection. Others by an auto-immune response to a medication. That is why I say that BFS is tricky because it is a multi-facited disease.

Anyway you might consider asking about Tegretol which seemed to help me. You might also ask about Klonopin (sp) which a lot of people here seem to have used, somewhat successfully.

While you are there, you might see the Mall of America. I have always wanted to see that...

Hope I have helped.


Re: What Can I expect At Mayo Clinic?

PostPosted: May 22nd, 2010, 3:19 pm
by Christian_88
Thank you very much, Richard. Yes, you helped me a great deal-! And, of course, as I said, you remain in my prayers!

Please--I humbly ask you, say a prayer for me-! Christian