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Re: Your board viewing habits

Postby dARR on February 8th, 2011, 1:49 pm

twin2 wrote:I'm procrastinating getting ready for work, so I thought I'd ask some questions.

How often do you check the board? Do you use the "search" function? When are you most likely to be online. Do you pm? Is your board green or blue? Do you get a small thrill from reaching a new status, e.g. "senior member" "hero" etc? (I do! It's the little things in life.) Likes and dislikes about the board. Do you check your own posts obsessively for replies? (guilty!)

1 All the time...
2. Yes i am obsessed with old posts.
3.When im supposed to be right now.
4. I dont pm very often but I do sometimes
5.The board is Blue
6. I dislike nothing except when someone starts a sentence with " I have heard that als..."
7. I did at the start now I hardly ever start a topic.
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Re: Your board viewing habits




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