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Teenage Masterbation

PostPosted: March 25th, 2009, 7:31 pm
by Floater
We all have stories about weird things weve done when we first discovered how to masterbate.... ill share one of my stories and invention... maybe some have tried this or will try it..
it all started back in history with me Aaron B. i found this to be my greatest invention back in the day.
Toilet paper roll not empty (paper towel roll for those who are well hung)
Lunch meat-- your choice. i liked ham because it resembled the pink of the vagina but sometimes used roast beef for lips
Pubic hair-- if you want to be more life like
Glue stick
A bed

first you line the inside of the of the toilet paper roll with the deli meat.. do a good job because you dont want it to fall apart while your going at it.... after you line the inside nicely with the deli meat (ham).. you can proceed to install the lips through a tucking procedure using what i liked roast beef.. but you may use what you like.. this is optional, but you can cut your own pubic hair.. with the glue stick go around the outside of the tissue paper. if you want a big bush just glue stick the whole outside of the toilet paper.. cut your own pubic hair and sprinkle it and pat it down against the glue. now that you have your vagina, lift the top mattress on your bed and place the vagina on the bottom spring mattress. with a full roll it should squeeze down perfect without messing up the the vagina walls.
Now all you do is pound away.. and when you are done you can still use the meat for a nice sandwich with your own homemade mayonaise sauce.

If anyone wants to share a story or has a good idea please reply to this post!!

Re: Teenage Masterbation

PostPosted: March 26th, 2009, 6:22 pm
by raindog
Well now your getting on a bit Aaron you better order this piece of you can stay warm and hide your shuffle at the same time :lol: :lol: