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Leyna Lyn born May 21st!

PostPosted: June 8th, 2008, 4:36 pm
by massagefan16
Hi Everyone. Boy, it's probably been 5 months since I've posted. I was going to wait until my 2 year BFS anniversary in July but was reminded of this site from an update to an old post that appeared in my mailbox. I delivered Leyna Lyn on May 21st. For those with BFS looking to get pregnant, I, like Jen, had much less twitching during pregnancy. But, just to warn you, I had an epidural during delivery and after I noticed a LOT of twitching (I don't think it had to do with the epidural though...I think it was all the muscle tension during labor). After the delivery, I noticed almost NO twitching for a few days. Then, everything went back to normal...twitching as always. But,as a side note, my husband had a stroke a couple of weeks before I delivered her so I'd be shocked if I wasn't twitching! Life is just starting to get back to normal - his recovery has been slow but things have been getting better. And, now I have a beautiful baby girl to add to my two great boys so I've got much more exciting things to occupy my time than dirty diapers, and crying babies :)


Re: Leyna Lyn born May 21st!

PostPosted: June 8th, 2008, 8:53 pm
by sharon slack
hi shelly,

thats lovely news, nice name :) , your boys will just love her. congrat's to you all.


Re: Leyna Lyn born May 21st!

PostPosted: June 9th, 2008, 8:40 pm
by Christina
Hi Shelley,

I have not been to these parts in a very long time...tonight I decided to check in to see how all of you were doing. I am so happy to hear that you delivered a healthy baby girl....I hope that your hubby is doing better...and that nothing but happiness is in your future.

I hope that everybody is twitching a bit less these days........after two years, I decided to stop worrying about it, and that made all the difference, I now am amazed that I did that to myself.....I hope your all doing well, and that you are having twitch free days, and if you aren't.... that you aren't wasting one minute worrying about it.


Re: Leyna Lyn born May 21st!

PostPosted: June 9th, 2008, 8:44 pm
by garym

Congrats on the baby!! Hope your husband is doing well, and fully recovers.

Take care,


Re: Leyna Lyn born May 21st!

PostPosted: June 10th, 2008, 12:37 am
by Alayne
Congratulations on the safe arrival of your lovely baby girl, Shelley. I hope your husband continues to make good progress too.
Nice to see you back Christina and glad that you're doing so well.

Re: Leyna Lyn born May 21st!

PostPosted: August 23rd, 2008, 11:53 am
by bktisbury
congrats to you-- please visit the site periodically ( when you can ) :)--- to add your wisdom to our posts. kind regards.