What am I working on this week

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What am I working on this week

Postby Richard on November 14th, 2007, 12:14 pm

These are the items I am working on this week. I am writing this because I need to be held accountable for progress.

Maybe someobody will find this useful. I hope to periodically update it.

I am working on:

1. Not tapping my left leg to mask the twitching when driving
2. No milk products except skim milk (doctor recommended this because LDL cholesterol is still to high)
3. No chocolate. I know this is extreme; but...
4. Keeping my temper (anxiety is not good for me).
5. Not watching shows with sexual content

So how a I doing

1. OK this morning. Decided to enjoy twitching instead
2. Had a mango drink yesterday that contained yogart
3. At chocolate at work
4. Yelled at son this morning about homework
5. I briefly looked at some MTV show. I really need to delete that channel.

See why I am working on these things! :roll:

Day 2.

1. Did not move my foot in the car today
2. No milk
3. No chocolate
4. Got angry at wife for coming home early and trying to tell me how to get the kids homeowork done (that is my job)
5. Kept my eyes to myself
6. Did not concern myself with Basso's testicals.

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Postby basso on November 14th, 2007, 3:36 pm

Hey, awesome, Richard. You inspired me, and so I made a list too.

1. Stop picking lint out of the velcro on my jock strap.

2. Stop eating chalk

3. Stop yelling at the ants in my ant city...they don't listen anyway.

4. Stop farting the really big ones when at the gym doing crunches.

5. Stop ridiculing my pathetic students.

How did I do:

1. Played with my testicles instead. :)

2. Ate washing detergent instead. It turned out to have a sweeter taste, so I'm switching. 8)

3. Yelled at ants.:x

4. Uhm, was good with crunches, but did worse when pushing hard on the bench press. :oops: 'Nuff said.

5. Played with my testicles instead, then told them they were all gay po-op heads. :twisted:

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Postby twitchmebaby on November 14th, 2007, 4:33 pm

best laugh i have seen here in a long while! but enough about that, is it too early to get an EMG and my leg fell off, does anyone else have this problem? :lol:
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