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A suggestion for the Search engine

PostPosted: June 19th, 2005, 2:54 pm
by Guest
I've been thinking. I don't know how easy this would be to do but, it would be great and much more user friendly if the search engine would allow quotes. So for instance if you were looking for magnesium intolerance in one post you would put quotes around it and viola it would be much more specific to your interest. Right now,as you know, with the "AND" feature you would get all magnesium and all intolerance - a lot of unrelevant posts.
Thanks for reading this.
It's probably something you thought of and a hard feature to incorporate, but I thought I'd air my thoughts.

All best,

PostPosted: June 19th, 2005, 2:58 pm
by music mark
Sorry. I didn't mean to write the above as a "guest". I just forgot to log in.
Thanks again.

(It was me)