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Postby TattooedMommy on January 28th, 2008, 1:22 pm

Hey All! I want to thank a lot of you that have responded to my WORRIES and FEARS! I feel a lot better today- I got up w/ a new perspective and thought to myself..HOW MANY DAYS AM I GOING TO READ "WIDESPREAD TWITCHING IS NOT SUGGESTIVE OF ALS". before I believe it and go on with my life!!!!! No matter how many times I google that..I am still going to get the same responses from here and MEDHELP Nuero's.
I have a baby to look forward to and I am in relatively good health besides the twitching! At this time I am examined all the time when I go the OBGYN and of all times in my life @ this point I am under scrutiny (well my health) is with this baby!!!! :D
I tapered off my LEXPRO as of yesterday- I no longer take it!!! I see a pattern with the lexapro! When I havent been on it like this past summer..I didnt have a single TWITCH! It just seems to happen when Im on it!

Anyhow, for all you WIDESPREAD FASCICULATION well as myself ...I am going to post this for YOU and ME As a general reminder!!!!

1) ALS is a rare disease, and even rarer in a 30 year old female, ALS most commonly affects middle age men. The chances are that this is something other than ALS. This would also be quite rapid for ALS.

2) Muscle tiwtches in the absence of objective muscle weakness and wasting are not suggestive of ALS. Twitches that are more widespread when they appear are also not suggestive of ALS. There are other more common causes of muscle twitches of fasciculations such as an overactive thyroid gland, a normal reaction to cold or exercise, certain medication, a pinched nerve, or some spinal cord problems. There is also a benign syndrome of fasciculations with or
without cramps.

Today is a new day..No more more needless worrying!!! Lifes to SHORT!!!!!

Thank You all Again!!! God Bless! :P
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Postby justcindy on February 9th, 2008, 6:27 pm

I never google any more. This is my only site of reference. This and my drs. I have decided that I don't have the expertise to interpret the exact meaning of all that stuff and when I read it, it scares the you know what out of me. BTW, I was about the same age as you when I first experienced the *** fear. I forgot about it for a long time after my first was born. But this last year has been tremendously stressful and after starting Lexapro, everything started again. You may find yourself in remission from this when the baby is born. I'll keep my finger crossed for you.
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