Muscle burn caused by BFS?

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Muscle burn caused by BFS?

Postby Twitchy Georgy on September 30th, 2002, 1:44 pm

Apart from the twitching I've had all over my body (2 doctors, and a neuro say it's benign), I've also been having a burning sensation in the muscles of my legs... Is anyone experiencing something like this?
Twitchy Georgy
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Postby Arron on September 30th, 2002, 2:10 pm

a lot of people talk about aches, pains, cramps and so on Georgy. That is all part of BFS and Fibro and the rest of the benign conditions we all talk about. Hang in there. It's a pain in the butt to have but at least it's benign.
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Postby SoJerseyMom on October 3rd, 2002, 9:17 am

You're not alone. I sometimes have that burning sensation, especially in the calves. Also, sometimes it feels like a brief electric shock. This has been happening for many months, comes and goes.
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Postby Jeff on October 3rd, 2002, 3:29 pm

I get that too, I get this brief (2-3 second) feeling like someone is pouring hot water on me from the inside. Very weird, not entirely uncomfortable, just weird. I've found a lot of weird things over these past 6 months...
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Postby Jen on October 3rd, 2002, 7:28 pm

I get the burning sensation, too. I got relief from it when my doctor perscribed Relafen (an anti-inflamatory). I even tested it by stopping the Relafen for a week, and the burning sensation returned along with a host of aches and pains. I'm now back on the Relafen and it's working. SoJerseyMom, I get the "electric shock" feeling too, in my left thigh. It usually happens right as I am standing up and am putting weight on my leg. Like the burning sensation, it was also relieved by the Relafen, and it also returned the week that I stopped the Relafen.
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