still freaking

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still freaking

Postby graberc on September 25th, 2002, 6:59 pm

Okay. . . In July I noticed my left thumb twitch pretty strongly. I didn't think much of it until my dad mentioned my grandfathers ALS. Anyway I freaked out. Really freaked out. Since then my thumb has slowed down it's twitching to stopped. But i've noticed twitching else where. Sometimes I feel tingly on top my toe. Sometimes in my calfs I see little dents. I was feeling a few good thumbs in my biceps one day and right chest (after working out).

I went to a neuro About a month after thumb twitching. He said he had seen more als then any doctor in indiana but one. ANyway he said he didn't think it was anything serious. He did strength check, reflex check everything. I pressured for EMG and got it. Did my left arm only.

Emg was fine. No fascilations or anything. He said if it was als it wouldn't matter if I wasn't twitching durring the exam that it would of showed up. I'm still worried. Maybe he should of my leg. I can't help it. he also said he didn't need to test anything else.

I went back to doctor for my thumb (Because neuro didn't explain it just said "nothing bad") but by that time my thumb was better. I told him about not sleeping, problems eating, and everything. He then gave me some sleeping stuff and said "see me in two weeks"

Thats where I'm at. I've just noticed today that I cant spread my little toe outward like my girlfriend can. Hmm weakness or what? My left little toe doesn't seem to bend as far back as my right little toe. Weakness? I'm going nuts here. . .Also my big toe feels tingly on top (I imagine in my head it's a single muscle quivering I can't see).

But if I had a problem would my reflexes be off? My reflexes are "very normal". I know I shouldn't worry but I can't seem to help it. I worry about strength because I figure I've got a LOT of muscle to burn (255lbs and workout 4x a week).

oh my grandfather was the only person to get it. But I feel that puts me slightly in a more scary position then most people who twitch. A DIRECT family member. Though none of my grandfathers brothers/sisters got it and my dad is 58 and no problems.

Still sometimes you can't help it . . .

great site though.
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Postby Twitcher on September 25th, 2002, 7:49 pm

Try not to worry yourself too much. (I know it is hard) You don't sound like you have ALS. First, it almost always presents with muscle weakness first. I know you said you have a lot to burn, but your doc would have picked it up on exam. Also, the twitches don't jump around and come and go. They start in one spot and stay. Further, the tingling on your toe doesn't fit with ALS as there are no sensory symptoms with the disease.
I would recommend getting an emg at a major medical institute. Not looking for disease, but to put your mind at ease. And your doc was right, if you had ALS, the EMG would have picked it up...twitching or not.
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