Electric Shock Sensation In Head , Anyone ?

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Electric Shock Sensation In Head , Anyone ?

Postby Alien Host on February 4th, 2007, 11:31 pm

Hello all,
I have been trying to find some connections between my BFS and other issues I have and wondered how many here may identify with this one.
I have had a sensation of an electric shock in my head that lasts for a half second since 2001 on the eve of the election. I came down with a fever of 103 that day and the jolts/shocks started then and continued for many months at any given time of day or night. After about a year they seemed to taper off to only happening when I am really sleep deprived. Sometimes they are triggered by an abrupt noise, sometimes by eye movement or trying to focus too quickly on something. I have found a few pages on the net where my symptoms are described http://ask.metafilter.com/36661/Are-Bra ... ddangerous

My Neurologist thinks they are a sort of seizure. He prescribed gabapentin for me to try but after reading about the side effects I said F** NO ! I am not doing anything that could possibly cause any of this to become worse.

So now the question, is this linked to BFS ?

By the way, been reading posts here time to time, seems like its the same cycle over and over, newbies freaked out, veterans shouting our mantra, some backsliding, but all are still walking, talking, running and obviously able to type endlessly. I would be here more but I have started a new career and quite busy getting it underway.

I will check back in a few days
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Electric Shock Sensation In Head , Anyone ?



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