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Some relief.....

PostPosted: October 21st, 2006, 10:48 pm
by cnash3219
ok guys as some of you know I was told I recentley had lymes disease I stayed on the meds, and after a week my stomach got so messsed up I have to discontinue for a week until stomach gets some relief,but in the mean time I had been doing some research on herbs that help with immune and the central nervous system I found some on the net and that found aplace to purchase they came in the mail within 24 hours and the first day nothing,todays my third day and i can honestly say my pain is gone by about 50% my tramors I havent noticed at all and my twitching is also let up alot. My fatigue also has gotten 10x better. Anyways the herbs are olive leaf extract for circulatory and immune,the second is valerian root it helps relax central nervous system,and the third is chineese nervous fatigue formula now this I ordered from natures sunshine but the ingredient is jujuba seed rehmania root tuber. You can get the herbs from local health foos or do a search the company I mentioned in top as well I think for all three I paid like 35.00 I also purchased a high anti oxident drink called TiGo mangosteen. So far Im feeling alot better! Just wanted to share somthing I dont want to jinx myself so hopefully its not temporary Im praying it will get even better!!
Thanks and god bless.........................