In need of Some advice... Very Upset

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In need of Some advice... Very Upset

Postby advo on September 16th, 2002, 10:36 pm

I am a 26 yr old female and for the past two months I have been experiening what seems maybe to be BFS, or MS or ALS
I have some wekaness which scares the hell out of me. I have a slight tremor in my left hand. Yesterday I had a left hand finger twitch and now the side of my left foot is twitching lightly making my pinky toe move. This all comes with the rumbling twitches I get throughout my legs and the pound like twitches in my arms, thumping twitches in the butt and something weird to me anyway,a twitch like vibrating sensation in my upper inner thys. Ofcourse all my twitches vary like many of the ones described on here. The one that made my hand jerk scared the hell out of me. I also have a vibrating sensation in the left foot, sometimes all over. I even wonder if it is a circulation prob because seems lately if my leg or hands are elevated at all I get pins and needles, does anyone know if a circulation prob causes twitches? I also get numbness in one of my toes and some of my fingers, but it "feels" numb but I can still feel it. My fingers get stiff and hurt. I also get burning sensations, my feet get hot, and I am also noticing I get extremely cold sometimes almost llike the chills . Tonight I had my elbow on a desk and had like a shock sensation through to my hand- almost like I hit a nerve! I had blood work, MRI, doc thinks it is anxiety.
Please if anyone could give advice. Thanx

Postby Nole on September 18th, 2002, 7:25 pm

I am 26years old and suffering with common symptoms for about four months. Twitching mild-severe in butt, legs, arms, face, feet. Very widespread. They were very bad when I became anxiety ridden worrying about this. I have seen 2 doctors who both feel it is benign, they dont want to send me to a neuro because I have no weakness and can do everything I use to, bloodwork was fine. When I am tired, stressed, or have anxiety they are worse. I have been feeling great for about 3 weeks but I have decided not to worry about them. It really does work, take care of yourself mentally and physically and you will feel better. These twitches are benign and I have finally started to believe that. If it wasnt why would I be getting better?? Try to relax and live life, it is too short!!
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Postby Arron on September 18th, 2002, 11:16 pm

advo, first of all, ALS has NO sensory symptoms at all, which you said you have. ALS twitches do not happen like your twitching does what so ever, so it ain't ALS, period. You have had a clean MRI I presume so that pretty much shelf's the MS scare and the jerking you described is one of the BFS symptoms that are pretty common called Myoclonic Jolts and they too are benign and are in NO WAY affiliated with ALS, so guess what's left... BFS or whatever you want to call it, but it's benign. If your doctors aren't worried, then you shouldn't be worried. Get on with your life and quit worring about something that not even your doctors are worried about and as Nole said, anxiety feeds this crap and makes all of the symptoms worse, so the more you worry, the more symptoms you will have...
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