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Need Information - Help

Postby jjittery on September 13th, 2006, 7:51 am

I've been on this board and gathered a great deal of info, but now I have a new question. Yesterday I had a new issue. To make a long story short, I developed some dizziness, sensitivity to light, a headache (not too overwhelming) and complete disorientation yesterday morning. I was incoherent and virtually unresponsive to coworkers so they rushed me to the ER. During the process my right hand went completely numb which lasted 5-10 minutes and resolved. I do not remember all of this very well. My blood sugar registered at 199 and my blood pressure was 158 -93. After a CT scan and bloodwork they released me with a diagnosis of Atypical Vascular Migraine caused by muscle spasms in the blood vessels of the brain.

This was very scary to say the least and I am concerned that it may reoccur or worse that it perhaps might have been a TIA (mini -stroke)

So, the questions...

Can this relate to BFS? When I think of spasms, I think of my daily symptoms although I have never had anything like this happen before. I wonder if anyone knows of a correlation?

Also, does anyone have additional opinions on differentiating between Migraine and TIA? From what I understand Migraine is yet another wastebasket diagnosis. Needless to say I am shaken up by all of this.

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