More encouragement that you DON'T have A**

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More encouragement that you DON'T have A**

Postby fbandersnatch on August 30th, 2006, 6:38 pm

Here's an MND site (this page is not scary) that discusses symptoms that might cause you to think you have MND (ALS). The important thing is that the site says that, in all likelihood, you don't have it, even if you're experiencing fasciculations and are tired. For example,
Q: I am experiencing fasciculations, (muscle twitching), does this mean I have MND?

A: Fasciculations (muscle twitching) are experienced by up to 70% of the general population. Sometimes the twitching can be confined to one area of the body, at other times they may be felt in several areas at once. Fasciculations on their own can be a consequence of stress, viral infection, or general ill health. They can also be present in the body for no known reason and many people live with them on a daily basis for much of their life. Fasciculations are usually only associated with a neurological condition when other symptoms are present.

Q: I get very tired, I seem to have no energy, and I am having fasciculations. Is this MND?

A: MND can indeed make people feel very tired and lethargic but MND will also be accompanied by other symptoms. If you are feeling very tired and are having fasciculations but no other problems, the fasciculations may be a result of your body responding to the tiredness. Consult your GP who will be able to carry out tests to rule out other causes.

Q: My hands feel weak and stiff; I am finding it difficult to turn my front door key, could this be a symptom of MND?

A: Weakness in the hand may indicate a neurological problem, but it can also be caused by increasing age and joint problems, or occasionally a trapped nerve. If you have no other problems you should see your GP who will be able to ascertain if you need to be referred to the hospital for tests.

The site is
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More encouragement that you DON'T have A**



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