Progress update - Notes to others

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Progress update - Notes to others

Postby veritech on August 17th, 2006, 11:16 pm

Hello everyone,

I acutally thought about leaving the BFS website, but I thought that would be selfish. What I can hopefully share would help others also.

I am now into my 10-11 week of BFS. I wanted to let everyone know that I have had a greatly reduced amount of twitching lately. I am almost certain now that a lot of this has to do with stress/anxiety/depression, it is just now that I am finding a lot of ways to deal with it. I even bought a book from Amazon that is highly rated (sorry, don't have the title with me ATM but I can get it for you). I go almost a day now without even really thinking about it, although I know that it does occur if I concentrate on it.

What is really surprising also is that my calf, which was twitching 100 RPM before for days has completely stopped. The biggest problem that I unfortunely still have is the darn right eye twitching. However, I notice start up right when I get "STRESSED". It also will twitch a little after I sneeze.

I hope this is an inspiration to some. Forget about it. Your healthy for the most part. Get the stress and the worry out of your life, and except what you can not control. It will be your path to recovery.

Also start an exercise program. If you are STRESSED AND WORRYING AND CONSTANTLY DOING STRENGTH CHECKS/TESTS your muscles will work TWICE as hard to do normal tasks and will get cramped. I haven't cramped up in weeks now after I got the stress under control. And Hell, when they do hurt (and they DO hurt sometimes after working out/walking), I say to myself that it is normal, and since the stress is gone, the muscle recovers twice as fast.

- V
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Progress update - Notes to others



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