fear about vcjd

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fear about vcjd

Postby Guest on September 15th, 2002, 11:53 am

hi, I´m looking for some help
I apologize to maybe cause worries to other people with bfs.
I am constantly worried that I might have vcjd after having eaten beef in the UK 6 years ago, I have that fear since then, but the twitching just started 2 months ago.
I started having eye floaters 5 years ago (at the age of 15), I thought this could be the first sign of vcjd, but I calmed down over the years. Then about 4 months ago one finger was numb for two weeks and I realized that both my hands would feel a little numb when I was driving. So I looked up paraesthesie+vcjd in the internet, and found that it does come along with vcjd. So I was also already planning my funeral, thinking how to say goodby to my loved ones as long as I could and so on... The numbness went away, but about two months later the twiching started.
First in my upper leg just a couple times a day, then I had a strange feeling in my feet, and as I observed them I saw little muscle strings move rapidly or jump. So I looked up fasciculations +vcjd, hoping to rule it out, but there were a couple of matches what really freaked me out again. 4 weeks ago i found this site and it calmed me down, but the twitching hasn´t stopped, ít´s always moving to different spots, mostly on my feet and very often in the morning when i wake up( which is usually at 5 o ´clock and I can´t get back to sleep) Like for all others some days are better, some are worse and the bad ones are still causing strong fear of having vcjd. I also have pain in my big toes after walking for an hour or so, but I can still walk. Does anyone have this problem of waking up early in the morning and not be able to get back to sleep, though still tired, or this pain in the toes?Or floaters?
I´m really thankful for replies that will calm me down

Postby Arron on September 15th, 2002, 12:25 pm

Guest, what you describe sounds like BFS to me and don't expect the twitches to go away, they usually don't. Waking up early and not being able to go to sleep is pretty much only caused by anxiety and that's why so many of us take meds of some sort to help calm our nerves and fears. Mad Cow Disease, which is what you were referring to is kind of like ALS in that it is rapidly progressive. It won't come and go and it is SO rare, it's hardly a concern of anyone's, PLUS the fact that even if you did eat tainted meat somehow, just like when we have an e-coli break-out here... ALL of the meat is traced back to the oreiginal source and it is HIGHLY publicized so that people can get medical attention as quick as possible. You aint got Mad Cow Disease! Geeze... If you continue to look in those lame medical books or keep searching for "answers" on the internet, you are going to scare yourself silly!!! If you type-in "headache" you are going to find "brain Tumor" and you WILL find symptoms to it that you can relate to at one level or another, but really... how many people do YOU know with actual brain tumors and how many people do you know that get headaches.. that ratio is pretty unrealistic now isn't it? I suggest you read through this whole site and then try Medhelp.org under "neurology" if you want to find out about what is going-on with you and then move-on with your life... there's other things you need to be doing than scaring the hell out of yourself by reading too much!
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Postby JimK on September 15th, 2002, 3:35 pm

Don't worry about the twitching. If you can find away to stay busy & keep your mind off them, they won't bother you. I'm sure something is causing these twitches, but I've yet to hear of anyone dying from them.

For years I was reading medical books everytime I had something strange going on with my body, and I was just driving myself into a frenzy for nothing each time. I've thought I was going to die probably hundreds of times. QUIT READING MEDICAL BOOKS! Donate them to Goodwill or a Library.

Try to relax. Have your Physician prescribe a mild sedative at night to help you get good night sleeps. Eat good. Go to the gym. Do anything & everything except focusing on your body.

Keep posting any concerns you have or advise.

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