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Question on Another “related” M M N

PostPosted: June 14th, 2006, 4:54 pm
by Greg Power
Oddly I moved to LA and my whole BFS / body meltdown started and I noticed yesterday after 13 months that my license plate reads MMN in it.

I was semi aware of this but do not like to read the web as it brings me down.

I still feel "crap" ( sorry I am an ex NY'er) , and don’t want to bring anyone down, but can doc determine MMN thru a test vs. the other dreaded “thing”.

Again, to have you folks to write to often brings a tear to my eye as everyone treats me like I am nuts and I cannot voice this to anyone in my life, I wont "re" detail all of the stuff my body is doing and pray it is BFS or I would “settle” for MMN. Any laymans knwledger of this anyone?

Can anyone comment or direct me to a good doc in LA? I saw the top neuro at UCLA Westwood and got 5 minutes last April and was treated like a nut.

Thank you for your help

Greg Power