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Question about RLS

PostPosted: May 18th, 2006, 6:49 pm
by JaimeLU
Hey guys- got another question for y'all

Anybody have the diagnosis of RLS in addition to BFS (so many darn initials and such) Im starting to think that maybe this is what I have (I have arm weirdness too but I think that that is anxiety and my mind manifesting itself there because it comes and goes) I say this because for the past month I have been waking up exhausted... like I feel like I ran a marathon in my sleep. I used to get the urges to move my legs when I was a kid and I do get a lot of myclonia (or however you spell it) so I was just curious as to see what it feels like. Im also wondering if thats why my leg feels so darn tangled up. IT's quite bizarre actually.

Ok well any input would be apprecited!

Have a great night everyone!