I am not having a good day. Help (shoulder and arm pain)

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I am not having a good day. Help (shoulder and arm pain)

Postby Yoddah on May 15th, 2006, 5:29 am


I am not having a good day today. From two months I have a contracture in trapezius (shoulder) that pains a lot, and the pain goes to my arm. When I am resting it doesn't hurt, but when I use the right arm, it hurts the shoulder and the arm, feeling that I have not any strenght in my arm.

Actually I don't have too much fasciculations, but last year i had.

I went to a neuro two months ago that told me that my arm aches (I didn't know about contracture at this time) are related to stress.

They ordered a MRI and show foraminal channel stenosis in C3-C4 and C6-C7.
A column specialist told me that those two things aren't the cause of my aches, and it told me again that was related to stress.

I went to an acupuntor and no success. Then I went to a man that makes massages and he could remove my contracture. But two days after, it cames again.

I saw in neurological forum a question about pain and ***. The doctor answered that "pain can be a feature, but at early stages of the illness only one limb is affected".

Also I saw one study about shoulder onset, saying that there are one kind of *** that starts with weakness in shoulder, and i am now terribly scared.

I saw also than contracture comes when the muscle is tired or overworking, so I start to belive that my muscle is not working properly because of *** and for this reason is overworked.

I have read about lots of people having contracture ir trapecius, but none of them have pain in arm and no ache in resting.

I am terribly scared. This thing is cracking my life. I can't think in another thing.

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I am not having a good day. Help (shoulder and arm pain)



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