vein spasm / twitch?

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vein spasm / twitch?

Postby lnsobi on March 20th, 2006, 10:49 pm

hi all,

i'm new here, and was wondering if anyone has experienced anything like this:

i've been having twitch like symptoms for about 8 months. what initially prompted this was what felt like pressure under my left ribcage, and tingling down my left arm. since this sounded like a cardio issue, i went to the hospital, had EKGs, xrays, blood work, stress test etc done, and everything came back fine - cardiac problems seemed to have been ruled out, and the pressure eventually subsided. the twitching started as soon as i was discharged, and felt like my veins were spasming, and then releasing - with the 'cool/cold' feeling you get if you sit on your hand, and then the blood returns to it.

now, everything was fine, aside from the twitching, until january, when i felt the chest pressure building again over the course of a few days. no pain, just uncomfortable pressure, and twitches under both rib cages - felt like veins moving again. i also had some heart palpitations this time, which subsided once i left the hospital. once again, EKGs, xray, blood came out fine (aside from the palpitations).

now, the twitching is still here, and it still feels like it's in my veins - none of my major muscles ever twitch, and the twitches are all over - arms, legs, under rib cage, adbomen, scalp, feet. it feels like there is pressure building up sometimes in my upper arms - like when you have blood pressure done - but this only lasts for a few seconds.

my doctor has attributed this to stress, but i find that a bit unlikely, given that this has been pretty consistent for 8 months. all my liver tests, blood work has been fine, but i haven't seen a neuro or anything yet. also, i'm a 23 year old male, in reasonably good shape - no smoking, but was drinking heavily for a while in college ;)

so my question is, has anyone experienced anything like this, or are these symptoms relatable? could this be tiny muscles that i don't know about?

thanks in advance for any replies!
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vein spasm / twitch?



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