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PostPosted: March 8th, 2006, 10:43 pm
by royblake
hey guys whats up? well first off im 17, and i just decided to go to the doc about my mucles not moving smoothly, and he put me on a mucle relaxer and took some blood for testing. i got home and was doin a lil reasearch when i found this sight. well i had the twitches a few months ago, mainly in my eyelids. but it only lasted a month. i didnt even think twice about it when i had it, hah i just thought it was not getting enough sleep. the twitches are compleatly gone now. but now i have the ratcheting movement in my mucles and its got me a lil concerned, how lond will this last?? im not realy feaken out about it, its just so weird! hah. well im glad i dont have any twitches anymore, god that was anoying! u think this mucle thing will die out like the twitches did? i see alot of peope had the twitches for years. i was just wondering if this is gonna be with me for a long time?