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Welcome to the Questions About BFS forum

PostPosted: July 23rd, 2002, 10:45 pm
by JohnV
In this forum we welcome your posts on the subject of Benign Fasciculation Syndrome.

Here you can ask questions or give advice about any topic having to do with Benign Fasciculation Syndrome.

Please refrain from off-topic discussions, use "The Lounge" for that.

Also, remember that behind every screen name is a real live person. As in real-life, people have many different motivations for posting the things they do. This is board is most useful to those in need when we keep the post on the topic of BFS. Ask your self before posting - will this help the person in need, and does this provide benefit to the BFS community?

If you need further information on Internet forums see this page: For proper the etiquette to use in the forum see:

Also, if you are new to the forums, make sure you check out the old forum archive by clicking the link in the Main menu on the home page.

Thanks for visiting!