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Scared of unknown Neuropathy

PostPosted: January 24th, 2006, 8:24 pm
by NoMoreFear13
Hi all,
I've read a few threads about BFS, and would be happy as hell if that were me. I developed severe hives seven months ago and was put on a short dose of prednisone and three months of daily high powered Allegra. At the two month mark in treating and holding back the hives, I developed my first twitches, burning sensations, facial twitches..etc. The hives disappeared and the twitches grew much others I have good days and bad. Had a very stressful year (new baby) and now actively try to mellow out with yoga/accupuncture/valium/or a glass or two of wine. There seems to be no reoccuring pattern of how my twitches come on. I have had a huge run of clean blood tests, a clean MRI (yeah), and the Drs. seemed to just think I was nutty. Until I had a nerve conduction test which proved I had "abnormal neuropathy", unfortunately the doc said he couldn't give me any definative answer, but seemed very gloomy mentioning it could be quite a few different not-so-good things. Anyway, not really sure about my true question other than has any body else had a similar pattern with hives/meds? I have tested neg for Lyme (still not convinced) and am kinda freaked out that it could be bad news (ALS/MS) and more tests.