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Worrying agin

PostPosted: January 13th, 2006, 11:08 pm
by teach
Hello everyone,
I am having some new sx that are upsetting me. I have begun to notice occasional tremors in my hands. They happen when I put a little pressure leaning on my arm and it starts to quiver/tremble, playing the piano today and my pinkie finger would shake every time I used it, holding a pencil tightly and my hand shakes a bit.
??? What is this??? Is this weakness? My hands are twitching some but not a ton today. Last night I had my first tongue twitch and it was scary.

I am going to be in FL for the next couple of weeks and was able to secure an appt. with a neuro at the Cleveland Clinic there who specializes in neuromuscular stuff and EMG. I was surprised to get in, but am glad I called. My appt. here is not until March1.

Can anyone relate to these tremors?