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Potassium for twitches ??

PostPosted: January 9th, 2006, 2:53 pm
by jen78nc
Hi all. I have heard that gatorade and pedialyte have helped a lot of people with muscle twitches. I have something called liquilytes which is about the same as pedialyte. Anyway, it says it has 4.7 mEq of potassium, which I think is whats suppose to help the twitches.. I didnt know how much this was but comparing mEq with mg, I realized a small number of mEq is equal to a large number of mg. So, I think the liquilyte drink that I have has almost 200 mg of potassium in it. For those of you who drink pedialyte, how many can you drink? I just drank 8 oz and not sure if i can get too much potassium this way..How much potassium is too much? I would appreciate any info on this. Thanks !!