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Electrolyte/Gatorade! I Cant believ how it has helped

PostPosted: December 17th, 2005, 9:00 pm
by mokyjoe
I have been a silent bystander for quite some time reading all the comments and sugestions. I have been amazed by all the compassion and care in this group, but i really hate typing. It has helped me many times when I was letting negative thinking get the best of me. i have been twitching well over 18 months on a daily basis and i think i have experienced all the sensations mentioned on this board. especially the pins in my toes, the buzzing in my calfs and the bubbling under my feet. In general, i run hard all day and am very energetic but often can be an ancious person if I let myself, as I would bet most every person on this board also suffers from. This is deffitnitly the common denominator here!

Anyhow, post cafene and alcholhol, as well as stress add to my twitching. I decided to guzzle the gatorade for one week as a test and I am amazed at the result. I bet i twitch less then 1/10 the amount I used too since drinking it. I am usually very skeptical to simple cures and usually want to think the worst. however, large amounts of gatorade seems to have helped. i will keep watching! And know, i do not sell gatorade for a living!
Good luck and God bless you all!