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this thing is driving me nutty

PostPosted: November 17th, 2005, 6:50 pm
by Steve A
Hi All- Its been a tough week. My symptoms are driving me nutty, twiching, buzzing and such. I do have a question though. Have any of you had issues with balance? I find at times I can be unsteady on my feet and if I closed my eyes I would fall over, but I never do I just feel that way. Is it all part of that percived weakness thing? I still have near constant pain in my feet an my left foot is much worse than my right but that is effected as well.
If you have read my earlier posts you would know that I was placed on antianxiety meds, Prozac, klonipin and trazidone for sleep. i am happy to say I don't take any of them any more. the last one, klonipin, I ran out of over the weekend and have not renewed it. Although I have not had much anxiety outwardly, but that is not what concerns me, its subconious anxiety I worry about. The trazidone did help me sleep but it made me too groggy the next day. Prozac was just plain weird! I did not like how I felt when I was on it and stopped. ( in july) Besides my neuro said it can cause leg twiching. Klonipin I ran out of and I didn't feel any different so I stopped. could this be effecting me more than I realize? thanks for your support- BIG STEVE :?