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Question about weakness

PostPosted: November 6th, 2005, 11:20 am
by Alex_als
I'm posting this here since i posted it previously also in the other board by mistake.

May of you know probably that among many other symptoms i'm twitching in my feet 24/7. Twitches in my calves i also have every day, however not constantly. Among many other things i have some type of weakness in my feet. My neuro cant detect this weakness through his neuro exams however i do feel my feet starting from the calves and moving downside weak. This weakness comes and goes.

Now for example i have this weakness in my right leg. A few months ago it was in my left leg. I havn't had any foot drop. Now shuffeling. However when i sometimes walk and the ground is uneven it may occur that i shuffle onto this uneven ground.

I suppose all of you know the heel test. Where we must walk on our heels by lifting toes. I can perorm this and without problem, but after doing this my feet are somehow tired. This type of tiredness i also get when im walking sometimes. It often feels as if i am making an effort to keep my toes up, resulting in a type of weakness/tiredness i experience.

Can anyone relate to this?